NEW BUILD – Multipurpose Pontoons ( ID:1575 )

TEL: +44 7798 607 323

MAKE: Multipurpose Pontoons

DATE LAUNCHED: Built to Order
LENGTH: Mt 5.0 (Moggaro 500) & Mt 6.0 (Moggaro 600) models
BEAM: 2.60m / 2.98m
DRAFT: Mt. 0.20 (hull)
LOCATION: ex factory, Spain


PRICE: from EUR 15,200

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It is with a great deal of pleasure that we announce that SeaBoats can now offer the full range of aluminum boats produced in Spain by Moggaro Aluminium Yachts .
With more than 15 years in activity , Moggaro has designed and built aluminum boats for customers coming from over 30 countries and 4 continents.
The design portfolio includes jet-boats, dive-boats, interceptors, passenger-boats, pleasure boats and workboats of various types.

Moggaro 500 and Moggaro 600 are multipurpose pontoons built in aluminium to very high standards and specifically designed for tourist services where small dimensions and/or low capital investment are required.

Moggaro aluminium Pontoons are boats of great stability that are characterized by maximum comfort and a variety of designs and styles. As if it were a living space in a house or hotel, you can distribute, decorate and adapt its uses thanks to the modular, simple and economical design. With these boats the visitor will really feel like he is living in the sea.

These pontoons can be shipped anywhere at very reasonable costs in standard containers and once at destination they are easily assembled by two people in a day or two.

Models include : Party Pontoon, BBQ Pontoon, Karaoke Pontoon, Family Pontoon ... The possibilities of this boat are endless and thanks to the modular assembly system the same Pontoon can be modified in a second time to offer different layouts.

Moggaro Aluminum Yachts can also offer pontoons customized to your specifications.

Power : outboard to 50 Hp, Electric engine to 20 Hp
Passengers : 10 (Moggaro 500) / 12 (Moggaro 600)