NEW BUILD – Alu Navis E-BUS 1200 ( ID:2228 )

TEL: +44 7798 607 323

MAKE: Electric or Hybrid Passenger Catamaran

DATE LAUNCHED:Built to Order
LENGTH: 12m (39ft 4in)
BEAM: 5.5m (18ft)
DRAFT: 0.40m (1ft 3in)
LOCATION: ex factory, Croatia

ID: 2228


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E-Bus 1200 is a new design by Alu Navis, a very experienced builder of aluminium boats for professional use. This state of the art vessel has been conceived for all those applications where minimum emissions, low noise levels and very low running costs are required.

Main characteristics:

• Catamaran platform with separable hull that can easily be transported and assembled. The whole ferry fits inside two standard 40’ containers and can be shipped anywhere.
• Sturdy aluminium construction
• Wheelchair accessible
• Passenger cabin up to 30 pax seats and 2 crew,
• Various pax seat configurations, from 10 VIP comfortable seats to 30 pax commuter
• Helmsmans seat front right / 1st mate left
• Cabin aft section with toilet on right side and optional refreshment-bar on the left side
• Cabin equipped with CLIMMA (Italy) air conditioning (cooling & heating)
• Sliding alu doors on both bow sides + stern alu doors
• PU floor covering
• Non-slip deck covering
• Interior linings of PU materials, easy for cleaning & maintennce, design TBC
• Shelves for baggage storage overhead
• Life vest under pax seats
• Non openable side windows, covered with sunshades, design TBC (opening windows optional)
• Stern ramp for pax boarding, manual
• Low draft, shallow water friendly
• All weather operable
• High stability due to catamaran hulls
• Comfortable and soft ride
• Highly maneuverable and easy to drive. No special skill required.

When running on batteries only E-Bus 1200 has an autonomy of 3 hours at a service speed of 7 knots, with a maximum speed of 11 knots.
Running on combined power (gensets & solar panels) the autonomy is limited only by the genset fuel capacity ( with a total fuel consumption of just 1 liter per nm.).

Electrical system:

• DC, 48 V
• 14 X 24,5 kW Batteries in each hull
• 2 X Genset Fisher Panda 18 kW
• VE Multiplus 48 V charger/inverter
• Solar panels, 11 pcs 1,76kW total (optional)

Power & propulsion:

• 2 x Oceanvolt AXC30, 30kW electric. Motors
• 2 x shaft + fixed pitch propeller
• Sail-by-wire management
• Hydraulic rudders steering

Nav & Comm:

• Simrad Evo system
• Radar

Additional features include:

• 2 X 200 Lt. Fuel tanks (for gensets)
• 2 X 350 Lt. water tanks
• 2 X 250 Lt. black water tanks
• Electrical WC with Macerator pump
• Hot water for sink in WC and mini-bar
• Aluminium railings on deck
• Windshield pantographs
• Bike/scooter storage area on deck
• Electrical bilge pumps, 3 pcs in each hull