55m Barge with Bow Ramp ( ID:1587 )

TEL: +44 7798 607 323

MAKE: 55m Barge with Bow Ramp

LENGTH: 54.86m (180ft)
BEAM: 17.07m (56ft)
DRAFT: 2.87m (9.4ft)
LOCATION: Sarawak, Malaysia

ID: 1587

PRICE: USD 250,000

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Vessel Type: Barge
Length Overall: 54.86m (180ft)
Breadth: 17.07m (56ft)
Depth: 3.66m (12ft)
Designed Draft: 2.87m (9.4ft)
Deadweight: 2000 tonnes
Gross Tonnage: 832 tonnes
Net Tonnage: 250 tonnes
Designed Deck Load: 8T/M2
Built: 1992
Class: K.M
Deck Plate: 12mm
Bottom Plate: 12mm
Side Shell: 9mm
Bulkhead: 8mm
Stiffener: 8mm